Neal Khosla
August 30, 2023

Curai Health is on Amazon Clinic — A Message From the CEO

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From its founding, Curai Health has had a clear mission: scale access to best in class medical expertise and care to every single person on planet Earth. This is predicated on our belief that access to high-quality medical care is something that every person deserves. Our approach to getting there has been simple:

  1. Build AI and software systems that can scale the reach of clinicians
  2. Get that product into the hands of users at scale

Over the last two years, we’ve seen the possibility of this mission becoming a reality turn into an inevitability. The rise of Large Language Models and the corresponding step functions in AI progress have shown us a glimpse of the future: AI systems that can truly reason and dramatically scale access to high-quality care. While there remains work to do, it has become increasingly clear that the potential is there. Just recently, former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb effectively said as much on national television, stating that AI “could be the magical thing to come down from the heavens and change the cost to healthcare” and referring to Curai Health’s model as a strong way to get there.

The advancement in technology, however, is only solving half of our original mission. We still must get trusted medical care into the hands of Americans at scale, ideally in a way that provides many things that are lacking in healthcare: price transparency and an outstanding consumer experience.

With this backdrop, I’m incredibly proud to announce that Curai Health has officially launched on Amazon Clinic. Amazon, of course, is one of the most successful companies in the world, and in spending time with their team, we’ve been impressed with the way they’re thinking about bringing affordable and convenient healthcare to all Americans. With a delightful customer experience paired with fast and affordable services, Amazon Clinic represents a strong step in the right direction and a model for the industry. Amazon has brought a wide variety of affordable goods and services to hundreds of millions of Americans, and they are now turning that attention to healthcare — a journey we’re excited to be on with them.

The combination of these two pieces is what has us so optimistic for the future. We believe that the technology we’ve been building complements the unique scale and affordability to Amazon Clinic provides and helps them achieve their mission of making it dramatically easier for people to get and stay healthy. For Curai Health, AI is the massive unlock to scaling our clinicians, and working with Amazon Clinic will help those clinicians reach the customers who need them. Try us out at Amazon Clinic to experience the future of healthcare now.

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