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General Questions

Questions about virtual care, cost and the Curai Health app
Can you refer me to specialists or in-person services?

Yes! Our doctors can refer you to specialists and in-person services as well as write prescriptions and order labs as needed. A member of your care team can also schedule that visit on your behalf, ensuring it is in-network (if insured) and convenient to your location. Further, your care team can manage all treatment records, ensuring your primary care doctor has all relevant information and that your records are securely in one place.

What is the cost of this service? What is included?

Your membership with Curai may be subsidized at no cost to you by your employer (whether you're a full time employee or contracting).

Our services are also available to you no matter your employment status for just $14.99/month.

Are your doctors board-certified?

Yes! All Curai Health doctors are board-certified family, internal and emergency physicians. You can learn more about each doctor's education and training here.

When can I talk to a doctor?

Your care team is available 24/7. Physician availability is specific to their state and time zone. Typically your doctor is available between 6am and 6pm PST, Monday through Sunday. To know your doctor's availability, please ask your care team.

Is this 100% text-based?

Yes. Curai Health is 100% text-based, streamlining your access to care and enabling you to engage with your Care Team on a multitude of platforms at your convenience.

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