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Addressing your health needs and goals.
Can I still see my current primary care provider if I use Curai Health?

Your care team is here to meet all of your medical needs. As you may interact with other providers, Curai Health can help to maintain all of your health records and support you through your health journey.

I don’t remember the name of my medications, or conditions, can I fill up this information later?

Absolutely. It's okay if you don't remember everything. Fill out the questions to the best of your ability. You can always let your care team know more about your history to keep your profile up to date.

Do you provide women's health services? Can I get my birth control here too?

Yes! Our care team and doctors can help with women's health and birth control.

The care professional said to follow-up with me in a few days. How do I follow-up with them?

Simply log in to Curai Health to communicate with your care team. If there are specific time-frames they request that you be logged in, they'll make that clear and be there to support you.

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